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by WestTuned Performance

Your vehicle will feel a LOT better in terms of
power & torque output, acceleration, smoothness & driveability!


What is a custom dyno tune

A custom dyno tune is the process of modifying the standard files & software within the car’s engine computer to enhance & optimise the engine. This is to provide more torque, more power, more response, better driveability & better fuel economy for the vehicle. There are no replacement parts required & this procedure is carried out here, in-house, at WestTuned Performance by our experienced engine tuners/engineers by utilising the vehicle’s factory OEM engine computer & our in-house machine, called a dynamometer

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What is a dyno?

Dyno is a device/machine for measuring force, moment of force (torque), or power, plus other engine vitals. A vehicle is driven onto the dyno via ramps & strapped down. It is then driven on the dyno, allowing us to replicate road driving conditions at different speeds, RPMs, elevations & loads. The dyno’s computer will then record all the vitals such as power & torque, plus other important engine readings like air & fuel mixtures & turbo boost pressure, as the vehicle is run on the dyno. It is a very important piece to the puzzle when it comes to tuning a vehicle properly.

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