One of our very loyal customers brought us his brand new 2022 BMW M8 Competition, looking to go faster. We educated him on the process of unlocking post-2020 BMW ECU’s and he was all in. We had the car unlocked and ready to tune in a short turnaround time of 2 weeks.

We dyno tuned the car with our in house custom 93oct and full E85 tunes with easy map switching on the fly. We installed Project Gamma front mount intakes, primary and secondary free flow exhaust, along with an MPerformance exhaust. The car made 650whp on 93oct and over 700whp on E85!

Next, the owner purchased a crazy set of carbon fiber-lip, 3-Piece Rohana wheels. With wheels, he needed to lower the car for the best fitment, and he chose the best of the best for his ride. The KW V4 adjustable coilover setup gives him maximum adjustability for street/track use. Installed and adjusted professionally here at WestTuned.